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Infernal Restraints Review

Reviewed: 2013-03-01 . We have old review archived for this site, you can read it here
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Our Rating: 87/100

Quality of Content: 22/25

Purchase Value: 17/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 7/10

Content Variety: 9/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 9/10

Navigation: 3/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For InfernalRestraints

User Rating: 55/100 - based on 104 votes.

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Tour Promises promises erotic torment with restraints, high-quality BDSM erotica, over 100 movies, HD, live shows and weekly updates.

My Opinion About InfernalRestraints

Infernal Restraints was initially launched in 2007 and they are still producing some thrillingly kinky BDSM content for fans. Of course, after six years there is a hell of a lot more content then there ever was and it remains just as exciting and extreme as ever.

Things are looking pretty wild when I log into the site, although you can pretty much tell that InfernalRestrainst is going to be a ride from the tour. There isn't anything particularly unique about the design or organization of the site. It pretty much looks identical to a lot of BDSM sites I've seen. In this way, I probably wouldn't mind if they offered something a bit fresher to distinguish itself from other sites, but I'm more concerned with the uniqueness of the content rather than the design.

As for navigation, well, I think things could be expanded. Currently, you can browse pages in brief or full view and from newest to oldest content. With as many scenes as this site has, which is 353 scenes so far, I think that it would be useful to offer members a way to find specific models or types of models, perhaps specific devices or BDSM locations, actions and scenarios. There is a page-top menu where you can uncover some information about InfernalRestraints or access a members' forum, but that's pretty much it. There aren't additional extras and although the producers of this site have a few additional ones, you'd need to join them individually to experience the content.

The site is updated weekly one episode that includes pictures and multiple video options. Scene descriptions are explicit and while a lot of the episodes seem complete, there are some that are divided into two parts. This isn't typical, but it does happen on occasion, especially when a full video might run more than 100 minutes. Each individual film is already about 50 minutes and packed with action. While some lengthy films are separated into two parts, all the films are both downloadable in full or in shorter clips. There are HD Flash streams and downloads include medium-quality MP4 and high-quality MP4 (1560kbps, 1280x720) and WMV (1620kbps, 1280x720) formats.

I like having the option of two different sets of photos. In one set you get the Director's picks, which obviously include the directors' favourites. In the other set you get scene photography, although these often seem similar to the directors picks. I think it would be nicer to have a complete scene set and then a smaller, edited director's choice set. There are ZIP file downloads, but no timed slideshows. Pictures are edgy and both online and ZIP images are sharp 1200x795 sizes.

Final Verdict

Infernal Restraints has a diverse range of thrilling BDSM scenarios with an emphasis on bondage restraints including rope, metal and wooden cangues. While most of the chicks are restrained in some manner, there is much more going on in these well-produced BDSM movies including, of course, D/s elements, tortures and sex. With HD becoming commonplace, I would love to see some higher-definition videos and the site could use more extensive search features, as well. However, Infernal Restraints is a large site with an overwhelming number of unique restraints and a thrilling amount of action.

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User Comments

2013 May 22, 12:23, France
Infernal Restraints should learn what is called "respect the customer". I was able to see their videos, sent them an email to the support. Getting no answer after two weeks, I sent them another mail, telling them that I was angry. Their answer was incredible : they almost insulted me, telling me that they answered a few days, but I was probably so stupid that I did not checked my spam mailbox. I never saw such a bad support.
And once you have seen one of their videos, you have seen all of them. No innovating views, always the same kind of stuff, with rusty restraints.
Sorry, but no more Infernal Restraints for me.

2010 Oct 21, 23:50, male\'
i like you sit.. i am lesbian.. i want sex with only woman..

2010 Oct 21, 23:48, male\'
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